When your preparing to go on a treasure hunt. It’s important to have a plan. Some important questions to consider are; What’s the weather going to be like? Should I bring and unbrilla? Will there be any dangerous animals I need to look out for? Who’s going to pick me up after I find the treasure? You don’t want to get to the island and start off all willy-nilly looking around searching for clues. You want to have a clear plan. You will need to have skills like hunting, swimming and camping. And the first thing that you will need to pack is the pirate’s treasure map. The map is going to give you clues to the starting point, landmarks, obstacles and the ending point that marks the location of the buried treasure. It basically points you in the right direction.

Redesigning a site or building one is similar to preparing for a treasure hunt because it requires several skills, from programing, design, to copywriting once these skills are all combined properly they can blend into an product that is not only easy on the eyes but communicates it’s messages clearly and functions with ease and grace.

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Content is King Diane Frierson

With out valuable content a viewer would probably just bookmark a site and periodically visit for updates. Actually when a person is ready to buy, sometimes the design is not the buying factor. It’s the service combined with the content that influences them into making buying decisions. A website only has a few seconds to capture a person attention, thru content and imagery.

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Having a mobile presence is not an option it’s a requirement. Usability testing really depends on the kind of website you have and the reason the visitor is visiting your site. A visitors reasons for visiting your site could range from entering registration information, making a purchase or simply navigating to a new page. The overall goal is to get specific feed back on the ease of use for the various features. So that problems can be identified early during the production phase of the website.

It’s recommended that six to eight individuals participate in various testing. The tests should be as real as possible.

Testing ultimately gives feed back, and it allows you to see the decision making process of the participants.

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Design is about leaving a lasting impression within the boundaries of your industry. The first step is starting with researching the industry and competition. Creating a list of the features and functionality that are useful.

Next up, I experiment with different layouts using Bootstrap 12 column grid. Lately Bootstrap has been my go to responsive framework, they have great browser support for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows.

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