All-in-One Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

The All-in-One Event Calendar WordPress Plugin is a great tool for promoting your events on your website. So I am going to share a quick step by step lesson on how the plugin works. Assumming that you already know how to install plugins on your wordpress website.

Login into your wordpress dashboard.

On the left column of the dashboard scroll down to the events tab right after posts. Click on events tab, this will take you to your events list page, with all of your published and draft events.  To build a new event click on the add new button next to event in the top left next to events. Enter the event title this will be the main title.

The center text area is where your main content and event description will go.  Once you put your text in this area you can add media; images, audio, video etc. to your event   by placing the cursor where you want the media to go and then clicking on the media button on the top left of the box.

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