Business Travel

Business Travel

Business travel can be a grind whether you’re a road warrior or just an occasional traveler. This section offers advice on getting the best fares, dealing with the inevitable hassles, and getting the most out of the trips you take.

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Websites based on results

Websites based on results such as:

Testing Headlines, Generating leads, and gathering mailing lists on-line so that you don’t think of a Website as just an advertisement, but as an important tool with many different ways to increase their market share, save money on print advertising, and gain more customers.

Providing customer service and support on-line to create an automated marketing tool (a Web site is a salesperson, clerk, and public relations tool all wrapped up in one) with the customer paying the printing costs.

Reducing overhead by having an online storefront open 24 hours a day 7 days a week without added employees, paperwork, or expense.

Inventing incentive programs based on shared advertising, barter, and funding sites through sales of Web pages while creating more profitable traffic.

Building a network of contacts, clients, vendors, and related, non-competitive businesses which generate more sales.

Taking advantage of the true promise of technology on-line banking, where the impulse to buy is immediately followed by the order on-line.

Expanding a business market from local to regional, national, and international customers, all a local phone call away. Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

• Double or triple your earnings year after year

• Work with people you want and when you want

• Be your own boss

• Create an automated marketing process that works even when your on vacation

• Build a business that looks like a huge corporation run from your home office


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